01. People in this country generally give a [tip] of 10 to 15% for good service in a restaurant.
02. Trevor said he always [tips] his waitress unless the service is really bad.
03. I [tipped] over my wine glass when I reached for my plate.
04. Kevin burnt the [tip] of his finger when he was lighting a candle.
05. He took a short course which gave some good [tips] on how to apply for a scholarship to different colleges.
06. Stanley broke off the [tip] of his best knife trying to open a bottle of beer with it.
07. We [tipped] the canoe when we tried to get into it.
08. Evelyn has a pimple right on the [tip] of her nose.
09. When going to a job interview, one good [tip] is to always look your interviewers in the eyes.
10. Marly bought a book about travelling in Europe, and it has lots of good [tips] about how to save money.
11. My dad gave me some [tips] about what to expect when I started university.
12. The best [tip] I was ever given about the stock market is that you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.
13. There is a Saudi Arabian proverb which states that the soul of a fool is always dancing on the [tip] of his tongue.
14. Studies have shown that when a waitress draws a happy face on a bill, [tips] rise 18%.
15. Tourists visiting Iceland should know that [tipping] at a restaurant is considered impolite.
16. A whip makes a cracking sound because its [tip] moves faster than the speed of sound.
17. Raising the head slightly, [tipping] it backward, and closing the eyes usually means "no" in Turkey.
18. In June, the earth is [tipped] towards the sun, producing summers in the northern half of our planet.
19. Killer whales often catch seals by [tipping] up the ice they are lying on so that they fall into the water.
20. According to a popular travel guide, with increased tourism, [tipping] has become a part of the tourist industry in Benin.
21. Al Clethen once joked, "Shopping [tip]: You can get shoes for 85 cents at bowling alleys."
22. To stop a nosebleed, sit up straight, and [tip] your head slightly forward.

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